My beloved sister”
“Over the years we have had our quarrels but I’ve always loved you in my way. And that whole time, I was a fool. This ends now.

— Klaus and Rebekah; The Originals 1x14 “Long Way Back from Hell” Deleted Scene (via missrebekahscurls)


What’s authentic about Dean Ambrose is you can never figure him out. He just happens to be anti-hero, he just happens to be against the establishment, and i think people admire that in him

-Paul Heyman

"If you still think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”

Klaus + Rebekah + Stefan | Crazy In Love - YouTube

NOT my video but I love the song choice.


claireholt: Never coming home k bye! #mexico #morguacplease

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"Your life changes when I’m your enemy" -Dean Ambrose

i just thought i was the one good person living in a world with bad people.

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