this guy is not regular at all. 

Once my fist is in the cupboard
Love is never falling over

Reigns and Ambrose meet up backstage after August 4th’s Edition of Raw in Austin, TX went off the air.

Summerslam Journey Coverage WWE Superstars and Officials talk about Dean Ambrose.

Summerslam Journey Coverage "The last guy you ever wanna’ fight is a guy you know you can beat but he don’t care. A guy that’s not scared of you. That’s Dean Ambrose."


Warrior’s, Fighter’s, Mercenaries, A three man swat team 

When you think there is no method to his madness and there’s nothing but madness to his method.

— Paul Heyman about Dean Ambrose, “Journey to Summerslam with The Shield” (via icouldnotbelucy)

We are going to own the business.